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  • Capturing today’s talent requires a clear and detailed understanding of technology and deep roots in the technical community.
  • Our recruiters are experienced technology professionals who know how to identify and win the talent you need in this competitive and technically sophisticated market.
  • We’ve always worked with and placed diverse talent.

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Contractors and On-Demand Consulting

We work with a large and thoroughly vetted pool of technical contract professionals with the experience, professionalism and communication skills to hit the ground running. Our rates are transparent, fair and highly competitive. Call us to get precisely the skills you need ASAP.

Direct-Hire Employees

Over 70% of our job requirements are filled with passive candidates. Our deep roots in the Tech community give us access to a large network of professionals and our recruiters have a clear understanding of the technology they’re recruiting for.

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Technical understanding and strong relationships instead of keyword search

Global reach for any skill requirement

Deep roots in the technical community

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