Business Process Operations

Business Process Operation is an application within Solution Manager (SolMan) which is used to monitor your critical SAP business processes, engineer improvements and implement enhancements.  Dashboard alerts and status are reported based on key performance indicator (KPI) thresholds values.  Alerting via email and texting can be incorporated as well as mobile device dashboard monitoring for your business processes.   

The benefits of Business Process Operations

  1. Detect potential problems before they become crucial for mission critical business processes
  2. Utilize trending analysis of business KPI to identify unusual performance in the business
  3. Efficiently manage background jobs to automate business processes reducing failure rates
  4. Check and validate data consistency between different data targets (SAP to non-SAP databases) 
  5. Manage key business process interfaces for Business Intelligence (BW/BI), Process Orchestration (PO) and ECC
  6. Set up Alerts to dispatch text or email based on threshold criteria
  7. Set up dashboards for different business process scenarios, authorized users or company/plant combinations
  8. Monitor all SAP systems, hosts and database software centrally.  Trigger alerts based on assigned thresholds and severity levels

Our real life experience

We implemented the Business Process Operations (BPO) solution for our clients to help them improve their business performance and meet contentious quality improvement (CQI) initiatives.  The BPO solution involved multiple areas, first was IT operations, then key interfaces which handled EDI, Banking, BW and PI transactions and finally the sales, logistics, finance, and production areas.  For IT Operations we set up the Alert monitoring of all SAP systems and transition from a reactive to proactive approach.  Additionally, using the threshold approach allowed Basis and DBA to take action on a scheduled time rather than allowing the business to get interrupted.  Faster and more timely resolutions were achieved when the right party got email notifications for interface failures.  The BPO dashboards and queries are used by the business line managers to measure performance, ensure KPI are being met and being proactive to prevent potential delays.  Using BPO the finance department achieved faster order invoicing and reduced accounts receivable aging; sales department improved order fulfillment rate and production reduced stock transfer orders (STO) by spotting inventory inaccuracy.

We implemented the Operation Control Center (OCC) to manage the internal documents within SAP to ensure appropriate action by the right group was being performed.  Specific Qrfc/Trfc, IDOC and non-SAP FTP had to be managed on a timely basis.