Data Volume Management (DVM) is an application within Solution Manager (SolMan) which is used to review, analyze and predict the data growth within your SAP Landscape.  DVM is a tool which will aid in the deletion and archiving of SAP information.  Extractors pass the statistical information into SolMan which can then be analyzed using the dashboards, graphs and queries with drill down capabilities in the DVM work-center.

Data is growing at an astronomical rate especially with the newer technology of Social Media and Internet of Things (IoT) being captured in SAP systems.

The benefits of DVM

  1. Used to predict database growth in the future based on past metrics.
  2. Identify which of the SAP tables can be scheduled for archiving as well as identify the archive objects also identify which records can be deleted
  3. Flexible queries can be used for analyzing by period, size, standard or customized tables.
  4. DVM Planning dashboard used to predict data storage savings before and after archiving
  5. KPI measures can be assigned to quantify achievements

Work Sample

We implemented a DVM solution which allowed our telecommunication client to work on their storage and archiving strategy.  Using the prediction analytics, they were able to purchase cheaper storage and initiate a streamlined archiving strategy.  Customizing table records were scheduled for deletion and then tablespace reorganization to regain the prime disk storage.  They were able to target the specific tables records for archiving to cheaper SAN to remain in compliance.   In-directly this also lead to improved performance of long running reports.