Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is an application within Solution Manager (SolMan) which is used for more in-depth analysis of SAP systems when troubleshooting problems, performance issues or modification history.  RCA offers several end-to-end analyses such as: workload, landscape change management, Tracing & Exception plus Host & Database.  Advanced Tool used by technical support to do deep dive trouble shooting for cause and resolution.

The benefits of RCA

  1. End to End Workload Analysis for performance overview for heterogeneous landscapes with drill down capabilities for product specific workload KPI
  2. End to End Change Analysis compare configuration between systems and drill down capabilities for change history details
  3. End to End Exception Analysis investigates statistical exception data across all technologies, review exception trend analysis.  Jump to specific components for detail analysis
  4. End to End Tracing Analysis single user tracing in a complex system landscape.  Identify the problem causing components drill down to specifics
  5. End to End Host and Database Analysis central, remote and safe access to file system, Operating System and Database software.
  6. Link to third party tool Wily Introscope for performance analysis and monitoring
  7. Unified and standardized problem resolution processes with identical look-and-feel covering SAP and non-SAP technologies and products
  8. Problem resolution based on permanently collected aggregated data for exception, change and workload analysis.  Unaggregated data are used for software parameter change analysis

Work Sample

We implemented a RCA solution which allowed our Construction company client data center technicians to do in-depth analysis on their SAP and non-SAP Landscape.  We had also set up Alert Monitoring which triggered Incident tickets for high severity problems.  These tickets were resolved more efficiently by folks with minimal SAP Basis experience.  Change history spotted many unauthorized hardware and OS patching and parameter modifications.  Tracing history was leveraged to make business cases to improve hardware for improving performance.  Wily was used to improve the Java application coding and parameter changes.