Maintenance Optimizer (MOPZ) and Custom Code Management (CCM) are application within Solution Manager (SolMan) which are used for SAP software patch management and reviewing ABAP coding which has been added or updated the standard delivered SAP source code.   Scope and Effort Analysis (SEA) leverages these applications to predict the breadth of changes which will be introduced into the SAP systems based on the new Enhancement or Support packages which are compared in SolMan to the present code level of the target system.  The SEA will identify which code is actively being used, which code will get impacted by the new packages therefore letting you plan the appropriate business process testing, which is customized code and if impacted by the new version will need to be analyzed for reapplication.

The benefits of SEA

  1. Using the Usage Procedure Logging (UPL) the inactive code is identified so appropriate action can be taken to retire it.  This will make support easier and may lead to better performance.
  2. Faster implementation of Enhancement and Support Packages due to reduction in scope of testing
  3. Custom code can be reduced once identified and not being utilized
  4. Captured UPL will give a better representation of ABAP workload statistics or static and dynamic calls
  5. Other Application which leverage the UPL:
    1. Test Management builds the Technical Bill of Material (TBOM)
    2. Custom Code Management
    3. Business Process Change Analyzer

Work Sample

We implemented SEA solution which allowed our Chemical company client to see the impact that the Enhancement Package upgrade planned would have.  Based on the Business areas, transactions, tables and customizing done they predicted an accurate assessment of the testing time.  Using this approach, they reduced the upgrade project time by two months.  Having the UPL and Custom Code Lifecycle Management (CCLM) they were able to remove customizing code which was unused.  They also started a reverse business engineering to capture solution documentation as a result of TBOM’s.