Test Management is an application within Solution Manager (SolMan) which is used for SAP software testing management.  Business process transaction testing scripts are generated, stored, executed and results captured for later review.  ABAP code modification which has been added or updated to the standard delivered SAP source code should be properly tested before importing into the production environment.  Therefore, utilizing negative, regression and normal testing will attain a comprehensive satisfactory result for quality controls and change management.

The benefits of Test Management

  1. Detect problems in source code changes by executing the business transactions requiring the modification
  2. Design end-to-end testing approaches for business scenarios
  3. Store testing procedures with the associated test scripts in the testing repository for reuse
  4. Gain efficiency through reuse of scripts and testing data in repository
  5. Reduce testing costs by employing automated testing approaches
  6. Utilize multiple executions of test scripts for doing system stress testing
  7. Management dashboards utilized to show testing results

Work Sample

We implemented a Test Management solution which allowed our Chemical company client to set up packages for regression testing scripts.  These packages get executed for every project transport bundles in quality before transport bundle is approved in production.  End to end packages are utilized by the project teams to spot defects with the controlled set of test repository data.   HP Quality Center is hooked into Test Management for execution of stored testing scripts.