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Eva Eisenmann

Quick-Start for BW Implementations of Topic IFRS16 (SAP Real Estate)

I want to introduce my service to help customers that are using IFRS16 functionality or are planning to do so and have an SAP Business Warehouse.

This service provides customers a confident start into deploying SAP analytics products on top of their SAP Real Estate Management system. The service comes with pre-defined business content options for SAP BW 7.x, SAP BW/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud that enable the creation of reports for lease contracts and property assets according to the new lease accounting rules IFRS 16 effective from January 1st 2019.

As service owner I know it is very important to know about this service to enable our customers a quick start in a complex topic.

Service Catalog

If you need information like the Service One Pager or the Customer Scope Presentation so check the link to the Services Catalog – service 50147664.

Short Information Summary

If you only need a brief overview you can read the following blog entry.

The service covers the following scenarios:

S4/HANA or ERP and

BW7.x or BW/4HANA

Moreover there are flat files included for a demo (e.g. if source system not yet contains sensible data). Flat Files can be modified to customer look-a-like sample data to easier understand the presented data.



As you can see in the Overview Slide the service option 1 (BW 7.x) offers:

  • 24 Flatfile Sample Data Files (csv)
  • 40 DataSources (16 SrcSys, 24 FlatFiles)
  • 98 InfoObjects
  • corresponding Transformations, InfoPackages and DTPs
  • 4 DSOs
  • 2 Cubes
  • 7 MultiProvider
  • 8 Queries (including samples as XLS-Files)
  • and Process Chains


In BW/4HANA there exists content for Real Estate and IFRS16 such as InfoObjects and ADSOs (see Real Estate (SAP HANA-optimized) documentation).

But the service offers even more:

  • 40 DataSources (16 SrcSys, 24 FlatFiles)
  • corresponding Transformations and DTPs
  • 3 CompositeProvider
  • and Process Chains


For Customers that want to use SAC, the service provides an option to connect  the source system (from Scope Option 1 or 2) to an existent SAP Analytics Cloud tenant:




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