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Pravin Datar


SAP Analytics Cloud is one simple cloud solution for BI, Planning and Predictive. It connects people, information, and ideas to enable fast and confident decision making.

While configuring SAP Analytics Cloud to suit your business needs, if you have any questions such as how do I connect my data sources to SAP Analytics Cloud, how do I procure a test tenant to test my configuration before I deploy it to my productive tenant, how do I preview the upcoming product updates, where do I get information about product roadmap, what are the best practices regarding SAP Analytics Cloud for my industry, can I make use of available business content to jump start my implementation etc. then there are many resources available to you where these and such other questions are answered. The objective of this blog to provide you a single place where you can get directed to the right source for the answers. SAP Analytics Cloud releases customer updates once every quarter and you may see corresponding updates to this blog every quarter. The topics in this handbook are organized based on relevance and queries received from customers and partners.


1. Training and Enablement

There are many training resources available to you. These include webinars organized by SAP and ASUG, periodic product updates and training courses organized by SAP Education.


2.  Support for SAP Analytics Cloud

If you need additional support for SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning, you can post your questions to the SAP Analytics Cloud community or chat with an SAP Support Expert or report an incident.


3. Best Practices and How-to Guides

There are many resources available regarding the best practices and how-to guides for SAP Analytics Cloud

Below are the resources available to get guided playlists of various features of SAP Analytics Cloud, training videos and detailed documentation

4. Data Integration

SAP Analytics Cloud can connect to data sources with two types of connections. One is Live Data connection where the data can be accessed real time without any physical data transfer and without data leaving the customer’s firewall. The following figure shows the live data connections available today.

The other type of data connection is import data connection which can be used to acquire data into SAP Analytics Cloud. The following figure shows the import data connectors currently available out of the box.

At present SAP Analytics Cloud requires data to be acquired for planning purposes; however, data that is needed for analytics purposes only can be accessed with live data connection. Furthermore, you can create blended analytics on data from live and import data connections. You can get more information about live and import data connections to various data sources including the necessary pre-requisites for data connections at:

5. Search known issues and limitations

You can refer to the following for the known limitations in features of SAP Analytics Cloud and data connections:

6. Enhancement Requests

You can submit enhancement requests or requests for new features at:

7. Roadmaps, What’s New, Release Schedule

8. Business Content (SAP and Partner)


9. Tenants (Trial, Test and Preview)

A trial tenant is not the same as a test or a preview tenant. Trial tenants are the tenants that you can have for a limited time for trying out SAP Analytics Cloud. A test tenant is a tenant that a customer can choose to have in addition to the production tenant to test new configuration before deploying the same on the productive tenant. Preview tenants are the tenants which a customer can have to preview the upcoming product updates. You can opt to upgrade a test tenant to a preview tenant. The following links give the necessary information about test tenants, preview tenants and upgrading the test tenants to preview tenants.