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Gabriel Henrich

How to distribute data and processes between Employee Central and SAP ERP HCM?

If you are implementing Employee Central on top of an existing SAP ERP HCM system(s) landscape, you might be asking yourself questions such as:

Organizational and position management

  • Which system should become the OM system of record? What are the impacts for the existing OM setup in ERP? What must be adapted for the following the EC position structure?
  • ERP Chief position relationship (A/B012): what is the recommended approach for maintain the reporting hierarchy in EC? What are integration implications?

Masterdata design and process distribution

  • How should objects such as personnel area / subarea, employee group and subgroup be set up in EC? Which role do they play in the HR processes?
  • Maintenance of personal data and employment data: which system is responsible for HR events like hire, transfers, global mobility? Which HR actions / events should be managed out of EC? What happens with ERP dynamic actions and infogroups and additional actions? Which events and data will remain being managed directly in ERP? How to deal with employee country-specific and payroll specific data?

Planned working time, salary structures and pay components

  • What are the dependencies between work schedules (planned working time) and employee basic pay and how can these be built in EC? How does the replication to ERP work? How to deal with FTE and work schedule percentage in EC and ERP?
  • Which wagetypes (pay components) should be brought from ERP into EC? Which system should be responsible for employee compensation information, such as basic pay, additional payments / deductions, benefits, etc? which pay components should be migrated to EC, and which should remain in ERP?
  • How to handle complex tariff salary structures in EC? (indirect valuation, pay progression, pay increase)
  • Best way to show pay statement (payslip) in EC?

To answer these questions, providing product and implementation recommendations, SuccessFactors Product Management CoE Team have written the following two Implementation Design Principles (IDPs):

  • Employee Central Core Hybrid: Data and Process Distribution Strategy
  • Employee Central Core Hybrid: Data and Process Distribution Details


As introduced in this blog, IDPs are only available for SAP SuccessFactors customers and implementation partners.


We encourage you to read these IDPs and bring your comments and ideas / feedback to us either by commenting on this blog or by contacting us at

We are planning to continuously publish more documents addressing relevant topics, hence it is worth to drop by regularly and bookmark the links!