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Matthew Shaw

SAP Analytics Cloud – Security Concepts and Best Practice

If you are new to SAP Analytics Cloud and responsible for setting up the security and folder structure then this article is for you! I present my Best Practices full of handy tips

In the article I explain the basic concepts of security, such as users, roles and teams.

I explain, by way of example, why the ‘User A’ doesn’t have access to the folder. This catches many out, but once you understand the concepts you’ll understand why not.

I then go on to explain how to setup your Public Folder structure and why I don’t recommend using the default ‘Models’ folder.

I conclude with how to setup a folder structure, per Project (or Line of Business area), and why I recommend collapsing the ‘Standard’ contents folder into the Projects root folder

My article is available in the wiki allowing me to easily update it and for you to follow those updates

As always feedback is very welcome and I will do my best to reply to your comments

Matthew Shaw @MattShaw_on_BI