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EC Sales List ACR Reports Now Enabled For FICA

Customers are used to work with EC Sales List ACR reports to fulfil legal requirements. Until now, it was only possible to create these documents from FI data, but from now on reports can contain both FI and FICA data in the output.

At the end of this blog, you can find the table with delivered EC Sales List reports enabled for FICA with specification (report definition, delivery specification and SAP node number) for the countries we cover so far.

See more about the Advanced Compliance Reports for Belgium in this video.

In case you work with FI and FICA on the same system, EC Sales List report output is presented as a combination of FI and FICA documents and can be analyzed in further detail. In the Analyze Data section of the ACR report, the existing Document Number field represents FI documents posted from FI. We enhanced the section by adding two additional fields that represent the FICA data –CA Document Number and Reconciliation Key.

Analyze Data “Navigate To” functionality enhancement. 

We also provided new functionality where the detail information of FICA data can be seen in analyze data section of EC Sales List. Using the right-click on the selected document in data grid, the customer can be navigated to the details of each document or reconciliation. Selecting CA Document Number, you can display each document in its detail via Display Document. In Reconciliation Key you can view detailed data of the selected reconciliation via Itemization for G/L Documents 

 “Navigate to” via CA Document Number

“Navigate to” via Reconciliation Key

 Delivered EC Sales List reports enabled for FICA:  

Country  Report Definition  Cloud
SAP Note 
BE BE_ECSL_DCL_V0_9_COS   2102   X  X    2983530  
NL NL_ECSL_DCL_V14.0  2102  X   X   2983529 
SE SE_ECSL_DCL_2020   2105      tbd 

Additional relevant SAP notes: 

SAP Note2978559 – Navigation from Reconciliation Key to Itemization for G/L documents (FPG5 transaction) is available in cloud since 2011.

SAP Note 3022167 – Business Partner ID and Business Partner Name part of the FI EC Sales List data.