Step by Step Tutorials to Get Started with SAP Analytics Cloud Analytics Designer

We’re proud to present the latest tutorial mission Get Started with SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics Designer, where you’ll tour of the basics of Analytics Designer and learn how to create and interact with analytic applications. Furthermore, this is the second mission covering SAP Analytics Cloud in the Tutorial Navigator platform.  

This mission is free for everyone and is perfect for those looking to start learning and using SAP Analytics Cloud Analytic Applications. Below is a breakdown of the Groups and Tutorials within the Get Started with SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics Designer Mission. 

Mission Structure 

Group 1: An Introduction to the Basics of SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics Designer – Get an overview of the top capabilities and features, discover the development environment, and learn the scripting capabilities of Analytics Designer.  


Group 2: Create Your First SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics Designer Application  Build your first analytic application and learn how to implement visibility of objects, set up measures and cascading filters, and create global variables.  



If you’re new to SAP Analytics Cloud, analytics designer and are looking to learn its top capabilities and features, tour its development environment, and how to create your first analytic application through a step-by-step guide, this mission is perfect for you! It’s quick to complete, and you will receive a Mission badge at the end acknowledging your new expertise!