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SAP Concur Support and Resources 

To get the most from the SAP Concur Support, check out the SAP Concur support and resources page which provides you with different support options based on what you need and your role. 



Administrators or Authorized Support Contacts 

If you are an Administrator or an Authorized Support Contact, please select the first option.  

An Authorized Support Contact (ASC) is a permission set assigned to 2-5 individuals within your organization. As an ASC, you have even greater access to SAP Concur support and resources. 

  • Get technical support through the SAP Concur Support Portal 
  • Call +1-855-895-4815 and select “Technical Support” (option 4) 
  • Address billing questions at your Online Portal Billing Guide 



SAP Concur Users 

If you are a Concur user but you do not manage it for the company, option 2 is your way to discover the steps on how to check if your company has the User Support Desk service. 

What is the User Support Desk (USD)? It is the paid SAP Concur service that many companies add to receive first-level technical support. Some companies choose to provide support internally instead, so not every SAP Concur customer has the USD.  

How to find out if your company has this service? 

  • Log in to your SAP Concur account 
  • Click “Help” and then “Contact Support” 
  • If your company has USD, you’ll be taken to the User Support Desk Portal 
  • Here you can find phone numbers, chat with experts, or create a help ticket 



Important note: Don’t be worried if you do not have the “Contact Support” option under the “Help” menu, this only means that your company has chosen to support the Concur system internally.  

In this case, you would need to contact your internal support desk for assistance instead.  

Internal support is typically provided by those who approve expense reports, invoices, or travel.  

So, start with your accounting, payroll, or travel and expense departments. You may also find contact information for SAP Concur administrators by visiting “Company Notes” on your SAP Concur page. 


Speaking with a Sales Representative 

If you want to talk with a Sales Representative, option 3 is the one for you. A call back can be requested by filling in all the necessary fields present in the form. 

Too busy to complete the form? No problem, the Sales Team can be contacted at +1 (888) 883-8411 or you can also use the SAP Concur Bot chat option on the right bottom of the page: 



More information and double checks 

If you are still not sure which is the support option that’s right for you there is also the SAP Concur Support Overview page that can help you. 

Here you can better understand how to use the SAP Concur Support at best and also how to find out if your company has Concur support agreement with SAP. 

Moreover, additional information (mostly relevant to the Authorized Support Contacts) can be found here: Getting the Most from SAP Concur Support. 

Last, but not least, you can find support joining the SAP Concur Community.  Good news…the registration is free of charge, and you can search for different topics and post questions that will be answered by Concur users and experts. 



Relevant KBAs and links: 

S User ID log in required:  

  • 2630530 – SAP Ariba, Concur, Fieldglass, BusinessOne Support Channels 

No login required: 


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