What is Data Analyzer in SAP Analytics Cloud and how to add it as a hyperlink to a table in a Story?

SAP Analytics Cloud Data Analyzer helps with ad-hoc analyses based on SAP Analytics Cloud models, SAP BW queries and SAP HANA live views and allows us to save our drill-down data state and analysis as an insight. In this blog, I am going to explain briefly about how to create and open an Insight in Data Analyzer (from an existing SAC Model) and how to add it as a hyperlink to a story.

Below are the steps involved in:

How to Create an Ad-Hoc Analysis in Data Analyzer:

Step 1:

  • Go to Data Analyzer in the side navigation of SAP Analytics Cloud. The start page of data analyzer is displayed with the following URL: https://<hostname>/sap/fpa/ui/app.html#/dataanalyzer
  • On the data analyzer start page, choose one of these options:
    • Select Create New from a Data Source to create an ad-hoc analysis based on a SAP BW query or SAP HANA live view.
    • Select Create New from an Existing Modeto create an ad-hoc analysis based on an existing SAP Analytics Cloud.


Step 2: Click on “Create New from an Existing Model” and select the model on which ad-hoc analysis needs to be created.

The below screen will be loaded with data from selected model in a table format,

Step 3: From Designer panel, we can add rows and columns (by selecting the fields from available items and dragging and dropping fields in the builder space under rows or columns respectively) according to the drill down level required.


Step 4: We can add filters on top of this model and can change prompt values if any and then save it as an insight for later analysis purpose.


Step 5: Go to File > Save > Select appropriate folder > Give a name for the Insight > Ok


How to open a saved ad-hoc Analysis/Insight:

Go to Files from SAC side navigation bar > Select the folder in which Insight is saved > Click on the Insight name (It opens the Insight with the saved settings).

How to add an Insight as a hyperlink to a story:

Step 1: Get the Insight link from the address bar of your browser.

Step 2: Open the story and then click on the table in story to which the hyperlink needs to be added.

In Table more actions > Select add > Hyperlink.

Step 3: Select Link to as External URL > Paste the External URL > Give a Label name > Check box to open the insight in a new tab > Click Done.

Step 4: Once the above step is completed, we can see a hyperlink added to the top left side of the table as shown below. On clicking this link, it will take us to the Insight in a new tab.

Insight Tab:

In this way we can create ad-hoc analysis in Data Analyzer and add it as a hyperlink in SAP Analytics Cloud story.


Thus, we can say that Data analyzer is a predefined ready-to-run service in SAC for ad-hoc analysis based on SAP Analytics Cloud models, SAP BW queries and SAP HANA live views.

  • In data analyzer we have different options to export data from our table i.e., as a CSV file, XLSX file or as a PDF file.
  • The following restrictions apply to table exports that have the Scope set to All: Maximum number of columns: 60 and Maximum number of cells of data: 750,000.

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