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Support Spotlight: Using Guided Answers? Let Us Know, Attach It To The Incident.

If you have been reading the blog posts that SAP Business One Global Support publishes you will have heard about Guided Answers (GA) by now. This is our new support self-service offering which you can read about in the Support Spotlight blog post from November 2021 – Support Spotlight: Guided Answers – Assisted troubleshooting for even faster solutions.

We continuously release new GA decision trees to cover more areas and to make it easier for you resolve issues on your own. There are now 17 released GAs’ specifically for SAP Business One and SAP Business One for HANA. You will find all of them here.

In this blog post we will show how you can inform us of the GA steps that you have already taken before interacting with Support.

Attaching the Steps

When going through the GA decision tree every step will be recorded on the left hand side as can be seen below.


As you go through the decision tree the list becomes more complete until you either find a solution or given the different options to continue your search for an answer outside the GA.



Should you chose to log an incident, do take a few moments to create a PDF file documenting the steps that you already took. The Support Consultant will know what has already been tried. Please also include all other relevant steps that you might have taken and environment information that can help Support to a conclusion.

You will find the print option in the top right corner of the window in the section where you can leave feedback.


We are listening

We are actively looking for partner feedback regarding the content and its usability. The feedback can be given directly in the application regarding the content of a specific tree (or Guided Answers in general)

For detailed instructions and links to the application plus a walkthrough video please check out the SAP KBA 3105476 – How to use Guided Answers for SAP Business One


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