Serial Number Range Customizing in S/4HANA Cloud


A list of SSCUI’s and Configuration Activates available in S/4HANA Cloud is documented on the Best Practice Explorer in the file Configuration Activity.xlsm (SAP Customer) but an entry for Serial Number Range customizing is not shown.

Does this mean the customizing is only possible through Expert Configuration or its missing functionality?  No!

Through the Customizing activates ‘Define Number Ranges for Equipment Categories’, ‘Assign Number Ranges to Equipment Categories’ and ‘Define Serial Number Profiles’ it is possible influence the internal and external number assignment for Serial Numbers. Yes, the customizing mentions Equipment Number which is different from Serial Number but the link between the two and the Serial Number Profile is the customizing field “Equipment Category”

This blog will show how to create a number range (Internal), assign it to a pre-existing Equipment Category and finally update it in a custom serial number profile . We will then create a Material with the serial number profile and generate a serial number for the material to show the results.


Equipment Category

You use Equipment Categories to determine the basic properties that you want the corresponding equipment master record to have.  In S/4HANA Cloud 4 Equipment Categories are delivered through standard content (Scope item activation)

The On-premises IMG / SPRO Node ‘Maintain Equipment Category’ is not available as of release 2302 in S/4HANA Cloud which means the possibility to create additional customer entries is not possible.  (Please submit a feature request by following the KBA 2963059 if you would like it added)

The Standard Delivered entries are Machines (M), Production Resources / Tool ( P )  , Customer Equipment ( S ) and Customer Equipment  ( X )

Define Number Ranges for Equipment Categories (103091)

Access the Configuration Activity ‘Define Number Ranges for Equipment Categories’ and press the ‘Change Interval Number’ button

You can use the existing 01 Number Range which is internal or create a new interval by pressing the ‘Insert Line’ button

Insert the interval for the new range in the “From Number” and “To Number” fields and save

Access the Configuration Activity ‘Define Number Ranges for Equipment Categories’ again

and press button “Change Number Level”

In the field “Number Range Status” – input the value for the serial number to start from

, for example, 30000000 and save

SAP recommends that you use internal number assignment.

The Equipment Number Range object EQUIP_NR is not buffered.

Assign Number Ranges to Equipment Categories

The next step is to assign the newly created Number Range 03 to an Equipment Category by using the Configuration Activity ‘Assign Number Ranges to Equipment Categories’

In this blog we will use the Equipment Category X (Equipment Services)

In the Number range popup for internal number assignment, select 03 and save

Define Serial Number Profiles

The final step which is most important to serial numbers is to assign the Equipment Category to a

Serial Number Profile using the configuration activity ‘Define Serial Number Profiles’

In the Configuration Activity ‘Define Serial Number Profiles’ press the “new Entries” button

Enter a Profile name (For example ZSER)  and select the Equipment category X which is the category we have our custom internal number range assigned.

Create a Material with the Serial Number Profile

Access the Create Material app and input a Material Number and select a Material Type (for example Finished)

Select the Basic Data 1 + 2 and General Plant Data / Storage 1 + 2 views

Input a plant and maintain the required fields such as Description and Base Unit of Measure

On the General Plant Data 2 view maintain the Serial Number Profile we created and select Serial Level as 1

Creating the Material Serial Number

In S/4HANA Cloud, Material Serial Numbers can be created through the app

‘Create Material Serial Number’ (IQ01) which is available with the business Catalog


Access the ‘Create Material Serial Number’ app and input the Material created in the previous step

and Equipment Category X , afterwards press Enter

A Serial Number for the Material should be created within the number range customizing defined

A serial number profile in the material master isn’t necessary for the creation of a serial number/equipment in the ‘Create Material Serial Number’  app (IQ01). It only becomes important if you want to use the serial number in certain business processes (e. g. in a goods movement).

What about the Level of Explicitness for Serial Number?

If the “Level of Explicitness for Serial Number” in the material master is set to empty (= Serialization within the stock material number), then the highest numerical serial number + 1 that was assigned to a material before is returned if 1 serial number is created with automatic numbering.

The highest numerical serial number for a material is visible in app “Display Material Serial Number “ and field “Last SerialNo” or via CDS view I_EquipMatlLastSerialNumber for developer extensibility.

If the “Level of Explicitness for Serial Number” is set to 1 (= Keep equipment number and serial number synchronous) then the equipment number range customizing is used where you can set specific number range intervals to external and internal


I hope the blog post helped outline what number range customizing is available for Serial Numbers

in S/4HANA Cloud . It does not consider usage in EWM or the other customizing available

within the SSCUI / Configuration Activity ‘Define Serial Number Profiles’ such as Stock Check ,

Serialising Procedures.

Any questions or feedback would be appreciated!

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