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SAP Signavio Process Navigator – What’s New

SAP Signavio Process Navigator is a free service that is integrated into SAP for Me to provide access to SAP solution scenarios, such as Lead to Cash or Plan to Fulfil; respective solution processes; contextual process information such as applications, integrations, and implemented solution capabilities.

SAP Signavio Process Navigator provides flow diagrams for solution values and solution processes detailing solution activities, test scripts, setup instructions, and other implementation information. Information available in SAP Signavio Process Navigator is structured based on SAP’s Enterprise Architecture methodology. It provides a consumer-grade experience with a modern and intuitive user interface (UI).

How to access SAP Signavio Process Navigator

In order to access SAP Signavio Process Navigator follow 4 simple steps:

  • Log on to SAP for Me
  • Select  Services & Support
  • Click on tab ALM
  • Click on tile SAP Signavio Process Navigator

Fig 1: SAP Signavio Process Navigator  – Access


Nice to know: In case of issues during access, please follow the both KBA `s SAP Signavio Process Navigator could not open in SAP for Me and SAP For Me: Which Browsers are supported?

What’s New

As they say, Change is the only constant. Process Navigator is also evolving in many different ways to give a great user experience for our customers. Let’s now dive in and see what are the new additions that are available as of latest release.  Along with  Solution Scenario and Solution Process capabilities, there are two new additions to the home page.

  • Info Corner
  • News Center

Fig 2: SAP Signavio Process Navigator – Home page 

Info Corner

Info corner as the name suggests, is an  all-in-one information hub available to customers for easy navigation to different topics all from one single place.

Fig 3: SAP Signavio Process Navigator  – Info Corner

The Info Corner displays the following informative links.


Latest News

Related Links


News Center

News Center provides current information about several topics such as – SAP Best Practices for SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public sector, SAP Marketing Cloud and current release news.

Fig 4: SAP Signavio Process Navigator  – News Center

When you click on any of the topic, the user is prompted with a pop-up which has related links to read further.

Fig 5: SAP Signavio Process Navigator  – News Center

These cool new features enhances not only the ease of access to plethora of information but also acts as a repository for all information in one place.

Hope you enjoyed learning about what’s new in SAP Signavio Process Navigator. Up next, we will explore more about Solution Scenario and Solution Process in detail and I will give a peek into what cool new features have been introduced.


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