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Get yourself up to speed with the SAP Datasphere data marketplace

SAP Datasphere, a comprehensive data service built on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), is the foundation for a business data fabric. It equips any organization to deliver meaningful data to every data consumer, with business context and logic intact. It provides capabilities for data ingestion through self-service data access across SAP and non-SAP data.

Self-service access to trusted data breeds agility and accelerated, accurate decisions

Comprehensive data governance assures every stakeholder that private data stays private

Real-time data, infused throughout your data architecture, helps business users, partners, and employees make in-the-moment improvements

simplified data landscape reduces costs and technical debt while maximizing current investments

The core capability to enable Data Democratization within every organization is the Data Marketplace.

The Data Marketplace was built to facilitate self-service data access via light-weight business processes. Onboarding data is no longer a project but can be handled in a matter of clicks. Users can discover data products coming from internal or third-party data providers where they need them: directly in a catalog together with all other assets available in your tenant. Explore more than 3,000 3rd-party data products, facilitated by our cooperation with Datarade.ai and other established Data providers, and onboard the data to extend your SAP data analytics. Share data with others using the data sharing cockpit, designed for both Line of Business (LoB) and IT professionals, while maintaining full control of the visibility and access to it with the context and license management. Through granular license management, users can regulate access to data down to the row and column levels, ensuring data confidentiality and integrity where needed. Our platform offers a range of data delivery options, facilitating the seamless adoption of external data sources while ensuring sustainability and data freshness through efficient update management.

Where to get started?

A good way to start is to read our official documentation for the data marketplace. But as we are well aware that in today’s world, sometimes there is no real time to read through all the nitty-gritty details of such documentation, we tried to come up with an easier solution: a video series explaining the most important use cases and components of the SAP Datasphere data marketplace in short and (hopefully:smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:) easy-to-digest videos, explaining the concepts and showing some examples in the system.

Video series


This series is constantly growing, so make sure to come back for the latest content! Just follow the links below. :rocket:

Demo series part 1: Intro and overview

In this video, I give you a basic introduction to SAP Datasphere and the data marketplace.

Demo series part 2: Use cases

In this video, I am talking about the three main use cases we are covering with the data marketplace.

Demo series part 3: What is a data provider and how to create it?

The data provider is the main instance with which users can manage their data sharing activities. In this video, I am talking about the concept itself and walking you through a short demo of how to create your own provider.

Demo series part 4: What is a context and how to create it?

Contexts are steering the visibility of data products. In this video, you will learn about the different flavors of contexts as well as how to create them, as directly shown in the system.

Demo series part 5: What is a data product and how to create it?

In the center of the SAP Datasphere data marketplace are, of course, data products. In this video, you will learn how we are defining them for the data marketplace and how to create them.

Demo series part 6: What is a license and how to create it?

Licenses are the vehicle to control access to the products. Learn how they can be used and how to create them in this video.

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Do you like this new approach? Which additional topics around the SAP Datasphere data marketplace would  be interesting for you? Let us know in the comments! :slightly_smiling_face: