Executive Search

We are the go-to agency for digital transformation related managerial and executive positions

Our clients rely on our extensive, proprietary network of managerial and executive professionals for a thorough yet discrete search.

Feel free to call me directly at (818) 518-9482 to discuss additional details or you can click here to schedule a time to talk at your

Remote Talent – Distributed Workforce

Remote work has always been a logical extension of what we do:

We know how to deliver the highest quality work without ever setting foot on a client’s site.  Not all remote work is the same so let’s discuss the option that works best for your needs.

Contractors and On-Demand Consulting

From an individual consultant to an entire project team:

We work with a large and thoroughly vetted pool of technical contract professionals with the experience, professionalism and communication skills to hit the ground running. Our rates are transparent, fair and highly competitive. Call us to get precisely the skills you need ASAP.

Direct-Hire Employees

The people you want to hire are very likely working somewhere else.

Over 70% of our job requirements are filled with passive candidates. Our deep roots in the Tech community give us access to a large network of professionals and our recruiters have a clear understanding of the technology they’re recruiting for.